Wubbzy's Fire Engine Adventure App Reviews

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Needs update

Unbelievable, selling apps that haven’t had any updates in four years and is not compatible with the latest iOS.


Freezes at tutorial. Won't load interactive games at all.

Great reading app

I'm a firm believer in using the iPad to enhance early education. My 3 year old can read because of educational apps. This App is fun and entertaining. My little one enjoys the videos and the interactive book functions. It's fun for him to touch the words in the book and its also helping affirm his recognition of words. The characters are cute and the moral of the story is great. Awesome app.

Love this story!

This app is a hit with my daughter and the kids I work with. It has a great story and has multiple options for reading (just pages/no narration, narrated, and reading/exploring). As a speech therapist I really appreciate that this app ties into the Common Core and has print-outs and activities based on the story that I can use in therapy. Kids enjoy playing the mini-games, watching the music videos, and coloring pages in the app. I will definitely be using this app to work on reading comprehension, vocabulary, and basic concepts in a fun and motivating way!

WoW WoW WoW! Wubbzy to the rescue

This App is well made and it not only passed my MOM test with educational activities, it also passed my kid test too, he loved the forkity forklift action and using the fire house.

Playful fun for Wubbzy fans!

Wubbzy's Fire Engine Adventure is a fun and playful book app with many extras. With multiple interactions on each page, this app kept my children easily entertained. The 3 different reading modes allow you to customize your child's experience. Videos and games extend the play value.

Great story!

This app was wonderful! It had ticked all the checkmarks of an educational app. Things I liked were: 1. Clear menu navigation. 2. Entertaining story using a popular TV character. 3. Interactive features throughout the story with prompts. 4. Ability to control music, sounds and voice. 5. Videos you can play in the app. 6. Coloring pages in the app. 7. Educational games in the app. 8. Read to me and read on your own feature. 9. Highlighting words read and voice prompts when you touch each word.

Great app for young children

I really like this app, it is a well-made educational children's app that is a good value. It has cute story that is fun and interactive. There are plenty of different bonus activities like painting, a counting game, and an alphabet game. There are some very fun sing along videos and I especially like the lock on all of the links they have that asks for the year you were born before you can proceed.

Amazing App!

I love the app Wubbzy's Fire Engine Adventure. There are a variety of fun and engaging aspects to the app. You can have the book read to you, you can read and play or just read the book. I loved the three music videos that were provided within the app. The songs were wonderful and all pertained to what the story is about. Another option that I loved was the Wubbzy's games. The first game is number recognition which reinforces number and counting skills. The second game is the alphabet and is useful for letter recognition. I think these are both excellent pairings for the app. All of the pages were wonderfully interactive. The story was wonderful and appropriate for young children. It is important to learn about for safety from a young age and one of my favorite features of the story is the grown up corner and also has Sparky The Fire Dog's Fire Safety Tips and more resources to follow up with online, it was also so much fun to have a painting pictures option. Always fun for children. Overall, I think that the app is just wonderful.

Great interactions!

Any Wubzzy fan will love this interactive storybook app! It has different reading levels for kids and can be enjoyed by kids from age 2 and up. There are exciting interactions on each page of the story. I love the additional features such as videos, coloring pages, and learning games. The story line is captivating while teaching kids about fire safety. I definitely recommend this app!

Wonderful resource for young learners

This app is great for young learners. There are 3 options of how the story can be read along with games to reinforce basic letter recognition and counting skills. This app would be a great resource in a kindergarten or preschool classroom due to the variety of options it lends itself. For teachers and parents, additional comprehension and higher level thinking questions are included, as well as ties to the Common Core standards. Highly recommended.

Great Interactive Book with Animations Galore!

This app is more than an interesting, interactive book. The illustrations and animations are wonderful. Each page has at least 1-4 animations for the read to discover. The app also provides additional material for the user, such as videos, educational games, and coloring pages appropriate for younger learners. The price of the app is a great deal for the amount of material that this app provides.

Fire This One Up - It's A Winner!

I read this absolutely adorable story containing colorful graphics to 2 children with varied special needs, one verbal and one non-verbal. Both children loved this app. I read the story so I could modify it according to the needs of the child. There are other options, e.g. listening to someone read the story as the words are highlighted. The interactive sound, voice and visuals are placed in the story in convenient locations and the sparkly stars are positioned perfectly - they help child tap the right spot. My kids knew exactly where to tap independently. The ABC and Number games were simple and engaging and it maintained their interest! A must have for any classroom with non-readers and early readers - tie it in to the Core Curriculum too. This app has an awesome menu, it's flexible and it runs seamlessly.

Great book for kindergarten

This app is great for kindergartners. It has colorful pictures. It has 3 options on how the book is read by the child. It included to educational games as well as a grown up corner for additional resources. As a kindergarten teacher I would recommend this app to other kindergarten teachers and kindergarten students.

Fun App for Young Users

This is a fantastic app that goes along great with the TV show children are already familiar with. The story is engaging and the user can interact with the illustrations to get even more action! I love the options to have the story read aloud, have the child read and interact with the pictures, and to just have the child read the story. I like the included number and letter games and the additional options to watch videos and "paint."

Need more apps like this one!

Great app for parents and teachers. The story can be read to you or it allows for reading and playing. There is fun animation that a child is actively involved in. There are also counting and alphabet games. This app even provides the common core standards that it aligns with (important for educators).

Fun App

My five year old liked the interactive pages. I liked the extras that are included in this app. There are 3 videos, 2 games and coloring pages that can easily be accessed if the story doesn't want to be read. This a great app for any Wubbzy Fan.


This story has nice alliteration and rhyme (oodles of noodles) that make it fun. This story is ideal for preschool through 1st graders. The "you're a hero" music video has a great theme and was the most entertaining of the videos. I didn't like the flawless painting because It didn't require hardly any motor skills from the child, but for the extremely handicapped,it would work well. I like the choices of having it read to you or reading it.


The PERFECT app for kids who want to save the day. Thanks again from all us Wubbzy fans!

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